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PAT Testing

Testing Services

I am currently not offering PAT testing, however, I will be soon and will be able to provide a range of testing services.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a safety check on your property's non-fixed (plugged in) electricals to ensure the electrical appliances are safe to use.

Who needs PAT Testing?

Commercial Testing

Periodic PAT testing of equipment and appliances within your premises will help ensure it is fit for use. The government requires that businesses ensure that the electrical equipment they provide is safe and properly maintained. PAT testing, though not compulsory, is a popular solution to this requirement.

Testing for Landlords

Ensure your appliances in your properties are both safe and legal.
Although it is not a requirement in England for appliances to have been PAT tested in a rental property, it is highly recommended as good practice.

Domestic PAT Testing

Coming soon...